Samsung CEO Denies any Premium Galaxy S5 Version

Many of you might be dreaming premium Samsung Galaxy S5 version, one that would finally include all those technical specs initially rumored such a 2K/QHD (2560×1440) display and even a metal body, but until now, there has been little evidence that the device even exists. But now we have fresh news for you, including not only a brief report published in the Korean media, but also the words of Samsung’s CEO J.K. Shin clearly denying all these speculations.

There is no Such Thing as a Premium Samsung Galaxy S5

Shin calls reports of the device’s existence “wrong”, making it clear from the start there’s “no such thing” that the company could have in mind. Metal and 2K might not be on their way to potential buyers, but there is something else that we are going to receive instead. To be more precise, Shin has just mentioned that Samsung would be releasing a new Galaxy Note phablet model in the fall, with premium specs, as many of us want.

Samsung CEO Denies any Premium Galaxy S5 Version

Samsung CEO Denies any Premium Galaxy S5 Version

Rumors Haven’t Reached to an End

All these information might seem disappointing, but is there any possibility that Shin’s being just careful about what he can reveal? Some are still saying that the existence of this premium Samsung Galaxy S5 is unquestionable, excepting the fact that the handset is going to arrive under a different name – Galaxy F or Galaxy Prime.

In any case, if the upcoming Galaxy F has indeed in a metal body, as well as a Snapdragon 805 CPU and a QHD display, no one would be asking for more. So, just have a little more patience and let’s see what’s going to happen next! We are going to return with more details about this Galaxy handset as soon as possible!

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