Android 4.3 LUVUBMK4 Update Live Right Now for T-Mobile Galaxy S3

KitKat did come with a little bit of the chocolate taste its fans are so crazy about it; but this may not be the only flavor, since Android users are still waiting for the latest Jelly Bean on their devices. But for those who are anxiously waiting for the Android 4.3 update, we`ve got some good news. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 from T-Mobile, than your Android is now available for you to download and install. The update is arriving with a baseband firmware T999LUVUBMK4 that normally brings new features.

The first two important features that the update is bringing, are the Galaxy Gear smartwatch support and Samsung KNOX, and since you`re holding an S3 from T-Mobile, you can purchase the smartwatch at the price of $300. Important notice: no other version except T999 is compatible with this release, so please do carefully read this article.

Get the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 Update Live Right Now

Get the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 Update Live Right Now

Concerning the update for Samsung KNOX, this is actually a security feature that separates your personal data from other files on your device. Pretty smart, isn’t?

As our source also mentions, the update is now rolling out and can also be available by Kies, so you have to use a device that is non-rooted and have a battery life of at least 50% to successfully carry out the update. Since the update is around 500 MB, it should be easy to install it even if with a WI-FI connectivity in your area. Just make sure it is a stable one.

The leaked info also states that you should be receiving a notification with the coming date of the update. Then, the easy step for you would be to navigate your phone`s Settings, reach More, follow the About Device and then Software Update, to start rolling out the delicious Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

Just get ready and grab the Android 4.3 Update Live Right Now and enjoy your new features.