Swiftkey Update Released and Available for OnePlus One

OnePlus is on a roll, as the company plans to surprise us all this year (OnePlus Two has been already announced, while several other offers have been made available). OnePlus just posted on their Twitter account that they have a new update for your OnePlus One smartphone. The update integrates the SwiftKey keyboard app right into CyanogenMod 11S (CM 11S) and the users can now switch to the app’s keyboard just by one touch, without requiring download.

OnePlus and SwiftKey started this collaboration in order to improve user experience and because of their desire to work with partners who share their visions concerning certain products. They also choose to collaborate with SwiftKey because the application gives support for 81 different languages, a feature that makes it user friendly and improves the benefits of having a personalized keyboard.

SwiftKey also stated that they want OnePlus customers to enjoy the experience of having a faster, easier and smarter keyboard.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard about the SwiftKey app, the Android application is an on-screen keyboard that adapts to your own needs and helps you express what you really mean. The app has a suggesting feature, it has an autocorrect based on your writing style, and it increases typing time with its cool feature SwiftKey Flow, which lets you write by sliding your finger over the letters. And besides all these and the support for 81 languages, SwiftKey also lets you change the keyboard’s layout design so it will suit your needs, therefore making typing more comfortable for you.

What you can actually do with Android SwiftKey, is to teach it your writing style directly from Facebook, Twitter and Gmail and even type in up to three languages at once, without needing to change its settings.  You can also backup your learning data across all of your devices. More, the Swiftkey app has 30 unique design themes, with different colors and keyboard styles. This lets you change the colors and styles of your keyboard according to your preferences. And all of it, for free.

By the way, once you install the update on your OnePlus One, you can select SwiftKey from the Language and Input menu from your settings. OnePlus One, at the end of their announcement about this collaboration, also said they have more surprises this year for their fans.


Source: OnePlus

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