Discover TouchWiz’s Revamped Phone App

A leaked version of Android 9.0 Pie for the Galaxy S9 handset has surfaced and there’s no secret that Google’s latest mobile operating system has a lot to offer. I personally think that it’s the ideal time to take a look at the things that changed (discretely or not) after updating to Android 9.0 and I make no mistake by saying that the Samsung Experience got the biggest makeover ever with Android 9.0, which includes some amazing changes to many of its native apps.

The Phone app, for example, has a brand new layout on the new Pie version and on your Galaxy S9 device too. We are actually talking about a TouchWiz revamped Phone app and you should better waste no more time and allow yourself to discover it as soon as possible.

Certain tabs have now been moved to the bottom of the screen for easier accessibility, so you no longer have to reach up top to tap on Recents or Places. Now, you can tap on any of the options without having to adjust your grip, so using your Galaxy smartphone becomes so much comfortable.

Samsung has also decided that it’s time to add some color on the Contacts page, and has filled in the letter icons next to each contact with its own unique color combination that I am sure you will like. The alphabetical groupings have also been divided into their own boxes for easier sorting.

And since Android Pie also brings some major improvements to the dark theme which we have seen on Android Oreo, be sure of the fact that the Phone app from your S9 has also received the Night theme flavor that we all love. With the Dark mode already enabled, the app turns to a completely new interface consisting of a battery-efficient black backdrop with gray and white accents, so yes, it looks gorgeous! And I am not the only user saying it, be sure of that!

After updating to Android Pie, these and much more are waiting for you!

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