How to Lower the Volume of Android End Call Beep on Pixel 3

Back in 2017 I heard so many complaints from Pixel users hearing a loud beep when they ended a phone call. As it turns out, this was related to the Snapchat application and its permission to the phone you own. To fix that bug all you had to do disable the Phone permission from the Snapchat application and that would resolve it.

When Pixel 3 owners began complaining about the very same issue, I thought of this particular bug once again. However, the fix doesn’t seem to work anymore as it did. And it’s getting even stranger since many Pixel 3 users are saying they don’t even have Snapchat installed on their phone.

It’s clear that we are all looking for solutions since things are far from pleasant this way. If you’re the one ending the call, the volume of that sound cannot actually annoy you since the phone’s speaker is no longer up against your ear. Anyway, if you’ve ever had that earpiece right up against your ear when the beep goes off, it’s really loud.

Sadly, there is no magical software trick to tell you about and no toggle either could let us enable or disable this feature without the need of putting the entire phone in silent mode. Something though is about to change. You just need to have a little more patience.

Dreaming of a softer end call tone

Google knows about the issue since this is a common complaint and promised us something. Google has noted on an issue tracker that mentions exactly what we are looking for. I am talking about a “softer end call tone” in an “upcoming release” of their Pixel software.

And even better, the end call tone will be silenced altogether if the user has the Pixel device in “silent mode.” This sounds quite promising, right?

Currently, there’s no timeline known for when this change will be available. I can only hope that it won’t take too long, right?

Does anyone know a trick that works now? Share it with us if you do. Thanks for the help.

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