How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S6

In case of being the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6, we can only hope that you’ll never need this guide. However, we are also aware of the fact that one of the common issues is bricking your smartphone, so that’s why we decided to offer you such a tutorial.

You must know how to unbrick Samsung’s Galaxy S6 as long as this might happen while you root the device, while you try to install third-party ROMs and not only.

When fully bricked, your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone is no longer reparable, but let’s hope that this is not your case. These situations of hard bricking are very rare (when you Galaxy S6 malfunctions due to a hardware error, becoming impossible to fix it), so our guess is that you are confronting to a soft bricking case when your handset malfunctions due to a software error and cannot startup normally.

We have heard many situations such as the fact that the Galaxy S6 doesn’t power up at all or that it gets stuck in a boot loop, but stop worrying and let us help you! Here we have prepared for you various different methods to unbrick your Android device, so don’t hesitate to continue reading:

How to unbrick Samsung’s Galaxy S6 by using the recovery mode:

Here we’ll teach you how to easily reboot your Samsung Galaxy S6 into recovery mode and many users have been surprised to see how easy their problem disappeared, as through recovery you can make a hard reset, which will restore your SGS6 back to its initial state. There are also different methods for performing this operation, so make your choice:
The default reboot method:

  1. Power off your Samsung Galaxy S6;
  2. Press Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time and keep them pressed until entering in recovery mode;
  3. Use the Volume Up and Down buttons to navigate and the Power button for making a selection;
  4. From recovery select “wipe data factory reset”; also consider in clearing cache by choosing “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  5. Return to Android OS by selecting “reboot system now”.

Use a third party app:
You can also use a third party app and the result will be the same:

  1. Access Google Play and download the Quick Boot software or any other app that you prefer;
  2. Launch the app on your device;
  3. Choose “recovery” from its main menu;
  4. Wait while your handset is automatically rebooted into recovery mode.
  5. Of course, in the end, make the hard reset.

Enter ADB Commands
If you are an advanced Android user, we even have a third solution for you. You need a computer where Android SDK is installed and let’s proceed:

  1. For the start connect your Galaxy S6 with your PC;
  2. On the Android SDK folder open a command prompt window;
  3. In the cmd window type “adb reboot recovery”;
  4. Have patience while your SGS6 is being rebooted automatically.
  5. From there just select “wipe data factory reset” and you are done.

How to unbrick Samsung’s Galaxy S6 by downgrading / installing stock / official Android OS:

Have you already tried the two methods from above and you could not fix your bricked Samsung Galaxy S5? Then, you must downgrade/install stock/official Android OS on your smartphone. This procedure is successful in several cases, so good luck!

If you have any question or need support, don’t forget that we are here for you! Just use the comments area and we’d be glad to help you!

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