How to Use Viper4Android on Samsung’s Galaxy S6

Here we are, with great news for those audiophiles who are the owners of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 smartphone! If you are one of those owners who are used to spend a lot of time listening to music on their new Android handset, then we know that you’ll be delighted to find out the fact that Viper4Android is finally available for your Galaxy S6 device as well!

As a reminder, Viper4Android is a mod which enhances the listening experience by improving the device’s speaker, headphones, as well as the overall audio quality.

This is why you should take in consideration the possibility of checking out this app. After all, if you want to improve the quality of audio coming out of your Samsung’s Galaxy S6 device, there is no better way than this one.

And if you are not already convinced, let us tell you the fact that Viper4Android includes Viper DDC (nearly HIFI sound from your headphones), Spectrum Extension, Speaker Optimization, Viper Fidelity Control (Bass control, Clarity), Headphone surround and the list is even longer than that! Can you really say No to all of these? Think twice before taking a final decision!

Senior member “nappent” has found a way to make the Viper4Android mod to work on the Galaxy S6 with no issues of any kind and we are more than thankful for that, but keep in mind that the procedure will work only if you are the owner of a rooted device (read our Easily Root International Galaxy S6 with CF-Auto-Root guide from here). So, are you ready for the actual procedure?

How to Use Viper4Android on Samsung’s Galaxy S6:

  1. For the start, you have to install BusyBox which can be found on the Play Store with the help of this direct link;
  2. Download the most recent APK version of Viper4Android by using this link;
  3. Launch the file explorer and find a file called audio_effect.conf and change its name to audio_effect.conf.bak.
  4. This would create a backup of the configuration file, in case you need to revert back;
  5. Download the modified version from here;
  6. Extract the audio_effect.conf file;
  7. It’s time to reboot your phone;
  8. Then, launch Viper4Android and install all the required drivers;
  9. Do not hesitate to use the Titanium Backup in order freeze two applications: Adapt Sound 4.0 and SoundAlive 3.0.;
  10. Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S6 phone once more;
  11. Launch the app again and that was all that you had to do!

Now you will be able to use the Viper4Android audio mod on your Samsung Galaxy S6 to completely change the audio quality. Do you like all the new changes? Let us know by commenting in the box from bellow or by using the contact form.


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