Discover Google Play Subscription Center on Android

Google Play’s new Subscription Center has been initially announced at I/O 2018, but now is finally widely rolled out to provide users a simple way to manage recurring payments from Android apps and services. What I want to tell you is that Google Play’s redesigned Subscription Center looks better than ever and I love those simplified options, while developers are gaining more tools to monetize applications.

The Subscriptions menu has been an item in the Play Store’s navigation drawer for quite a while now, but I am sure that you are not familiar with the new page. To start with the beginning, Google has this special subscriptions center where you can manage all your subscriptions on Google Play. It is where you have the chance to see all items you regularly receive or have paid for in the past.

Instead of checking each and every app, you can easily see the subscription apps on the new subscriptions center right on the Google Play Store. By knowing those apps, you can edit or remove items you haven’t used or that you know that you’ll never use ever again. At the subscriptions center, you can also view payment methods, and restore the canceled ones if you change your mind.

Even more, in order to see more information and the status of each subscription, all you have to do is to click on the app icon. You may easily set up a backup payment method after managing and updating your account, choose to renew a subscription or resubscribe to a canceled one and finally, cancel completely if you want, but don’t be surprised if you see a cancellation survey that appears.

My advice is to take a few minutes and answer the questions honestly to provide app developers some feedback. And if it happens not to have any subscription yet or don’t have a lot, you can discover more app subscriptions. The collections available are more than generous, so go wild!

Please comment below if you are still having any questions. Be sure that I will give you further details.

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