Galaxy Core Advance dedicated to The Elderly Population segment

You are probably used to the latest smartphones and gadgets which can be used for sending email, browsing the web, look at photos on Facebook, listening to your favorite music and so on, but what about those people who aren’t that good with technology? It is enough to think of your parents or grandparents and you’ll immediately understand that they are looking for something completely different when buying a phone. First of all, they have in mind the abilities to make calls and send text messages, while the rest is a mixture of curiosity and let’s face it – confusion. So, if you are looking for such a device, Galaxy Core Advance might be an ideal choice as long as it is still presented as Android smartphone, but for the elderly population segment.

This Galaxy Core Advance handset is expected to be announced no later than next month and if you are also curios about its specs, we must tell you that it will actually come with a similar list as the original model, excepting that the power and volume buttons will remain visible in low light conditions.

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance dedicated to The Elderly Population segment

Samsung Galaxy Core Advance dedicated to The Elderly Population segment

So, we are referring to a large 4.3 inches 480 x 800 pixels TFT capacitive touchscreen, as well as a Snapdragon chipset. You are aware of the fact that the older people also need something easy to carry with them, so its weight of 124 g is once again an element that fits perfectly to their demands. And besides that, Samsung Galaxy Core Advance comes not only with a simple interface, but also with a nice 5 MP camera letting them to capture the best moments of their life shared with family and friends.

As our source suggests, there is a big chance for the Samsung to launch several smartphones with similar specs in the near future and that’s not at all a surprise. We know that this company is going through some major changes and has big plans for next year, so why not launching these sort of smartphones too? We just love the idea.