Motorola Smartwatch To Be Released With A Flexible Display

We were all excited when Motorola filed a new patent application back in June regarding some sort of a device packing a flexible display and we’ve waited for any new details for a while until we end up believing that it was nothing than a simple rumor. Now we are glad to find out that we were wrong after all and the company is actually preparing to release an innovative smartwatch having a flexible display. For all those ready to tell us that the idea of such a display is no longer such an excitement after both LG and Samsung have already launched their G Flex and the Galaxy Round smartphones, we have only one thing to tell: Motorola’s patient describes not only a flexible display, but also a unique flexible chassis that has to be coupled with this display in order to make things to work properly.

This image gives us a first clue about the way that such a smartwatch could actually look like. It is obviously that Motorola has filed several other patents and trademarks for wearables up to now, but this photo is the closest that we ever got of seeing their concept combined in a device that can be released with a flexible display.

Motorola Smartwatch

Motorola Smartwatch

So, we can only imagine that we are talking about a metal watch band and some sort of a chassis which should be made of links. And probably the grips on each link would have the ability to bend this supposedly flexible display. Although you might think that this is a simple idea, you must admit that making the entire display of a smartwatch to bend with its chassis isn’t at all an easy task.

So, you should be expecting to find out that this product will be released any time soon; we are sure that Motorola still has plenty of things to do. But we can tell you for sure that it isn’t the only one “cooking up” a new smartwach for its fans outhere. As our source confirms, Apple and Microsoft are also joining the list, so who knows what other surprises we’ll be receiving after they will also release their models?