Meizu to Release Two Versions Of The Meizu MX4 Smartphone

We are all aware of that popular strategy of releasing two or more variants under the same model name and Meizu is no exception. This time we are talking about its future smartphone currently known as Meizu MX4 or MX4G which will eventually be launched in two versions as well. And we already know a few details regarding the specs of this smartphone, as well as the ideal explanation regarding the manufacturer’s decision of using such a strategy. Meizu MX4 will come in a Pro version with high-end specs, but also in a much more affordable variant for all those having a limited budget, but still wanting to enjoy the Meizu experience. So, no matter what category you belong to, Meizu MX4 remains a possibility to be what you need.

When it comes to the Pro version, we can only tell you one of its specs – a 5.5-inch display with an amazing 2560×1536 resolution, but the processor is still a mystery at this point. Although it is believed to be an octa-core processor, we still have no clue about their choice, so it could be a Qualcomm, a MediaTek or even both of them, according to the latest rumors. We’ll just have to wait and find out for sure!

Meizu Will Launch Two Versions Of The Meizu MX4 Smartphone

Meizu Will Launch Two Versions Of The Meizu MX4 Smartphone

Meanwhile, the second Meizu MX4 smartphone version will be dedicated to the mid-range market and we are sure about that thanks to some of its specs that are already revealed to the public. We are referring to the 5-inch display with a maximum resolution of only 1920×1080 pixels, while the power will be provided by a MediaTek chip, as our source also confirms. The latest rumors have pointed to the most recent MT6592 model, but once again these are only speculations and we need an official confirmation to be sure about any of them.

Would you be interested on the Meizu MX4 premium model or on the budget friendly one? We just hope that you are not one of those who have already made up their mind about not giving Meizu any chance from the start. We like the company’s plan to launch both of its smartphone versions in the U.S. in 2014, and only after having them in our hands we’ll have a final impression.