OnePlus Partnering With CyanogenMod and Reavealing new Android based Smartphone

OnePlus, a technology pioneer, has just announced their partnership with CyanogenMod in order to bring the best custom Android experience to their devices. In the same time, both companies plan to reveal the first device from OnePlus, released running a specifically customized version of CyanogenMod custom ROM.

CyanogenMod’s first supported handset, has recently released their first officially supported handset and namely the Oppo N1, which has just hit retail. Compared to the released handset, the future fruit between these two companies will be a product that will own a custom hardware and software experience with special features and tweaks.

OnePlus and CM

OnePlus and CM

In the case of the Oppo N1, the product represented an important step in the future of the CyanogenMod since developers managed to get a device through Google’s CTS gauntlet.

The OnePlus and CyanogenMod collaboration will be related to both hardware and software in order to create what it will be called the first commercial CyanogenMod product. In the case of the handset, the OnePlus flagship phone will be a fast, secure, and beautiful device for Android lovers.

The startup technology will bring the best possible technology to users around the world. Build around the mantra, “Never Settle”, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed devices having premium build quality high performance hardware. The flagship phone will make a difference in the world of smart devices, and it will run on a strong yet reliable operating system.

As far as OnePlus is concerned, the company did not offer any reason, or confirmation regarding the “One” name of their debut phone, but, on the other hand, they confirmed to be unveiled in the first half of 2014. The device will be released in select markets, with global availability to follow. However, there are no rumors regarding its price or any other feature and specification of the device, but I am pretty sure that we will find out more details pretty soon.

Source: AndroidCentral