Enable Google Lens on Android via a Magisk module

As you probably heard, you can use Google Lens to identify landmarks, save contact information from a business card, look up movies, books, and art, scan barcodes/QR codes, navigate to a certain address, and I know that all these sound exciting and you would try out a few of them. Not all of you are Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users, but who says that this should stop you in the first place?

Developers tried, on numerous occasions in the past, to get Google Lens working—though Google quickly discovers that and shuts down the method. Even in such conditions, I am back again with another way to enable Google Lens on Android.

You own handset might turn into a Pixel 2 or 2 XL by adding two different config files to the system partition of the device. Flint2 has compiled the files as a Magisk module, which is ideal for those using Magisk already. The idea is that “pixel_2017.xml” and “pixel_2017_exclusive.xml” play an essential role into letting the apps know that Pixel 2 exclusive features can be enabled on a specific device, therefore you somehow pretend to own a Pixel 2 device and Google is tricked into taking that for good.

Don’t you want to try this out?

Get ready:

  • The operation can only be applied on a rooted device;
  • You must have Magisk installed on your device;
  • You should also make sure to update to the latest Google Photos app: APKMirror;
  • Remember that batteries do not enjoy eternal life, so charging your device for such a procedure is a must. Need I remind you that without a battery, your expensive smartphone becomes a hunk of dead electronics?

Enable Google Lens on Android via a Magisk module:

  1. For the start, take the Magisk module to enable Google Lens on your Android handset;
  2. Copy the module to your device’s storage;
  3. Go to the app drawer and open the Magisk Manager app;
  4. Swipe out from the left-edge of the screen to open the menu;
  5. Now, select “ap on the “+” icon on the bottom of the screen;
  6. At this point, select the GoogleLensInstaller_Flint2.zip module file;
  7. Press on Open and now, the module installation process will complete in a few seconds;
  8. Finally, tap on “REBOOT”.Modules”.

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