T-Mobile Announces Samsung Galaxy S5 Pre-Orders Start on March 24

As we have already seen, AT&T has stared Samsung Galaxy S5 pre-orders today, for a price of $199 on-contract and $649 with no agreement, but what about T-Mobile? The carrier has just announced that it will start taking pre-orders for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 next week, on March 24, but wait to see what surprise you are getting this time. T-Mobile won’t ask you to put any money down on the smartphone, but you will have to pay instead 24 monthly installments of no more than $27.50 for the phone.

T-Mobile received a million Galaxy S5 Pre-registrations

So, at the end of that period, you practically end up paying no more than $660 for your Samsung Galaxy S5, which isn’t all that bad for those of you who want to enjoy the device, but cannot pay the full price at the moment. T-Mo’s CEO, John Legere, has announced that carrier’s expectations regarding this Galaxy S5 offer: “This thing is so hot we’ve already seen over a half a million pre-registrations for the Galaxy S5. That’s a lot of very smart people grabbing this opportunity to pay nothing down, save more than a grand over the life of the other guys’ contracts, and have T-Mobile pay off every penny of their family’s early termination fees.”

No Actual T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date

The total cost of Galaxy’s S5 phone is no so different that what AT&T has to offer and of course, you can also choose to just pay the $660 outright to avoid all these monthly installments. It’s only your decision to take!

But sadly, there is no release date given for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and all that we know is that the company plans to ship its device sometime in early April worldwide. In these conditions, we can only hope that those of you who pre-order it won’t have to wait too long until having the handset in their hands.

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