Seidio LEDGER View Flip Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – 36% off Today Only

The Seidio LEDGER View Flip Case designed for all of you who protection and functionality without sacrificing the look of their stylish Samsung Galaxy Note 3. So, what do you say about a 36% off today only offer? Forget about the $54.95 previous price and don’t hesitate to buy if for no more than $34.95. Yes, you can save $20.00 and still enjoy this Seidio LEDGER View Flip Case that can easily slips into your pocket, perfectly protecting the front, back, as well as the perimeter of your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 device.

Not only your Galaxy Note 3 handset is important, but so are You!

This Seidio LEDGER View Flip Case is presented as being made of an Italian polyurethane and a cloth-like texture in order to provide you the comfort that you need while using it too. So, not only your handset is important, but so are you! Moreover, don’t forget that even on interior it sports a soft microfiber that ensures your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 device is always safe from scratches.

As we were expecting, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 flip case from Seidio has a clear window on the front that lets you see your incoming calls, texts, emails and so on. And you can even answer phone calls and access alerts through this View window; you won’t have any problem if you want to do that!

As you have seen in the photo, the case has the usual cutouts for Galaxy’s Note 3 camera, as well as all for its ports and buttons, so you have full access to your device. But what you don’t know is that this Samsung Galaxy Note 3 case conserves the battery life of your handset by turning off the screen when cover is closed.

So, don’t hesitate to hit this link and place your order now. Be careful, there’s not so much time left for enjoying Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 case with such a price cut!

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