Keecker: Your personal Android Projector Robot

Are you thinking about buying a projector for your apartment? You don’t need us to tell you that there are so many options to choose from, differently priced and more or less ready to offer you the performance that you are dreaming of. What about choosing instead this Keecker Android-based projector robot that can easily move around your entire home and also project video onto the walls? You just need an Android-based handset such as a smartphone or a tablet in order to control this Keecker robot and you’ll be surprised to see what it can actually do and how useful it can be.

So, as we have already told you, this Keecker model is perfectly capable of projecting pictures, movies and so on any blank wall or other appropriate surface you might think of, turning it into a bright screen. But it can do much more than any other entertainment device from this class as long as it can easily follow you around the house, like your own personal assistant that takes care of what you need and like the most.

Keecker - Your personal Android projector robot

Keecker – Your personal Android projector robot

One of the most interesting facts that we have mentioned from the start is that it features Android with Google Play access, so you have the possibility to stream from built-in apps like YouTube, Netflix and others that you might be currently using. And maybe everything happens with a reason as long as even Pierre Lebeau, the company’s founder is none other than the former product manager at Google.

For those of you who are a little disappointed by its 1,280 x 800 resolution, we can assure you that the 1,000-lumen light makes the difference, so you’ll be able to use it even with the lights on. Even more, its six speakers make it an ideal music player which can be used to stream music, not to mention that this Android projector robot lets you call home via Skype to talk to your family members in case of emergency.

And we have saved the best for the end. Unlike the initial prototype that has been revealed at CES, the final Keecker robot version that will reach the market will inform you about your guests coming over by taking pictures of them entering or staying in your house. That’s quite a charm, isn’t it? Just imagine seeing your mother-in-low sitting quietly on the sofa and expecting you to come from work, monitoring your babysitter while taking care of your little one or “spying” on your children and their friends at their supposedly home alone party.

We cannot stop wondering what Pierre Lebeau had in mind when he decided to add this feature; we have several scenarios in mind, but who can know for sure? We just think that it was a brilliant idea that could prove its utility in so many situations. And don’t forget that it can be programmed to memorize the rooms or your favorite places from the house where you prefer projecting the movies.

But speaking of its availability, we must tell you though that this projector robot won’t ship until Q4, so you have plenty of time to think if it is what you really need, as well as to start saving some money. Performance doesn’t come cheap and Keecker is the best example of that, as our source confirms. We know that its price will start at $4,000 way up to $5,000, so it might not be that easy for all of you that want it to finally achieve it as well.