MobileGo: Your All-in-One Android Manager

Have you ever came across the feeling that the need for one single application that could do it all might be solving your problems? By all, I mean managing all of your smartphone`s apps, storing files or document, movies, pictures or videos all safely transferred to your PC. Well, in this article we will be talking about a particular application that makes wonder, and might save you a whole lot of troubles and time. Meet the MobileGo – the single app that delivers simple solutions for backing all your data from your smartphone to your PC. We will be largely describing the app, talking about its advantages and a lot more.

MobileGo is the product that the Wondershare has developed for all Android users, who really needed a system that could easily help them restore all their data on their device coming along with other more interesting features. It is a $40 application, with of course a demo version that can be tested on your device for a limited of time, an application that also allow you to both store data and files on your device and also connects your smartphone to your PC for downloading or transferring all kind of files, from music, videos to pictures, movies and much more, as already briefed above.

MobileGo For Android

MobileGo For Android

How does MobileGo work for your smartphone and computer?

Installing the application and making it smoothly run might sometimes be a tricky one. But let`s dig in a little more. First, you have to have MobilGo installed on your PC, then you have to connect to your smartphone via an USB cable and wait for the software to recognize your device. There were tests made on different smartphones running on Android and it seems that the software might not have recognized the device from the start. All you have to do is tell the app what is the name of your phone and if there is still no recognition you just might want to manually install the app and then reboot both your phone and your computer, and then try again to connect the device to your software from the PC.

If you still have a connection problem, it might be because Wondershare does not have the model of your phone in their supported list. All you have to do is just send a request to Wondershare with an on-phone application and you should be able to receive an answer to your request in about a day or so, as Wondershare explains on their website. Once you are signed on their list, you should have a connection availability.

Ok, since now you have a good connection via MobileGo, you will be experiencing a wonderful world of features, great apps and much more. 

What is the first impression MobileGo would leave you?

First would be a significant change to the interface of the application, which might be a feeling of a brighter, cleaner and more nicely display, as the home screen offers you an overall of the capacity of your smartphone`s storage and also the contents of any SD card storage you might have on your device.

  • Space Storage/Moving Media with a Click

MobileGo, like iTUnes for the iPhone, allows you to see the space being used by music or movie files, pictures or any other items. Since we were talking about music, the MobilGo also gives you the opportunity of building a playlist with all your music files, enabling a custom tune for a certain person from your contact list. With MobilGo, you can also import or export videos, music, or photos from the library and convert them to your Android`s sized-format and can be instantly played directly from the app-player.

  • Keep Track of Your Contacts/Sending Mails

Another important feature of the MobileGo is its fantastic utility when it comes to transferring contacts from your PC`s Outlook to your smartphone`s Android, and it is a feature destined to help a lot those heavy Outlook users. Apart from Outlook, you can import or export

contacts from vCard files or Windows Mail, you can send a message right from the software, or you can add your contacts in separate categories like Favorites, VIP, Family, and edit the contacts with full details.

  • SMS Management/Composing Text Messaging in a Blink of an Eye

In case you forgot who sent you a SMS message, or simply want to save the most important messages in any files other than your phone, then MobileGo gives you the go ahead with just a simple click and save all your messages as a .txt file, lets you add new conversations to any contacts you choose from the list, or allows you to view all the messages you received with the subject and also with the date.

Simply put, MobileGo app just invites you to view and also to compose SMS messages, to import or export all the data and contents that you have stored on your phone.

  • File Transfer/Managing Video Conversion

If you wish to transfer a certain file that it doesn’t have the supported format, then MobileGo will do the job for you, as it will notify the incompatibility back to you and will manage the conversion on your behalf. And to prove the facts, I personally tried the conversation feature with a 60-minute talk-show, in the .mkv format. How did MobileGo handle the situation? Easy, MobileGo took care of the conversion, plain and simple, as within a couple of minutes, the sitcom was on my handset, being able to watch the talk-show without a single hitch. A simple error of that, might be that the video files you want to watch, might be stored at a certain point in the Gallery or Photo files of the phone. But other than that, it runs very smoothly.

  • Bringing websites all together

If you are tired of watching films, videos or other funny stuffs, or need to have a full compact list of websites that you can easily manage whenever you feel like, then MobileGo gives you the choice to bookmark all your favorite online resources or websites like YouTube, Appbrain, Facebook, and Hulu. Add them on the MobileGo app and you can browse them later at your own free will, or download thousands of other video, music or game files from YouTube for instance. The built-in Google Play, once clicked, tons of instant videos, apps or songs will be directly downloaded on your PC or smartphone.

  • App Handling and Downloading 

Applications are perhaps the most important features of a smartphone, applications that include all kind of systems developed to deliver entertainment, fun, different programs and so on. And if we don’t know how to handle this app, then we might let MobileGo take care of them.

With MobileGo, you can instantly download every app that you might find interesting for your music lessons, for instance, while you can uninstall all the other apps that you might find boring or were preinstalled when your device was rooted. Other than that, this wonderful software can back up your apps for you on your PC, and can also export or import apps to/from SD card to use the additional space or to fill the additional space available on your device. It is up to you what you decide, MobileGo is there for you.

MobileGo Screen Shot

MobileGo Screen Shot

Well guys and Android geeks, we have shown you this wonderful software, MobileGo, from Wondershare, a software that can considerably improve and ease of life with a multitude of features that you can use when needing to restore data from your device to the PC, using an additional space for other apps, improving your SMS reading and sending process, or seeing a movie or a talk-show directly from your device. We have tried to provide you with all the info on this great MobileGo, and also with a Free Trial, to test the device. In case you like it, you will only have to pay $40, but for this kind of life saving app, it is worth having it. Don’t forget to share your opinions on that and tell us what you feel about Wondershare MobileGo.