New Photo Features to Android App in Facebook

Facebook has just released a new version of its Android app with new photo features. Are you curios to find out of what new features are we talking about and if they have any chance to change the way that you are currently using this Android app? This is at least what Facebook is trying: to bring its flat UI to more users after the update, getting one step closer to unifying the experience for all Android users. We won’t deny that the app uses the same Gingerbread-style menus on phones with unchanged physical buttons, but we really hope that we won’t see them too long. Meanwhile, here’s what we can enjoy for the moment.

New Features for the Android App in Facebook:

  • Among these new photo features for the Android app in Facebook, we can start by mentioning the possibility to comment on any post which has an image. This feature has been available on the desktop version since last June, but only now has also become available to Android users;
New Photo Features to Android App in Facebook

New Photo Features to Android App in Facebook

  • This update also comes with some new options when it comes to uploading, organizing, as well as sharing photos. Thanks to these latest changes you have the possibility to upload multiple images simultaneously, being ideal if you have in mind the idea of creating a quick collection;
  • Moreover, you can also edit or delete albums whenever you might want, as well as to pin and unpin photos in the group;
  • You can also untag yourself from photos which don’t represent you anymore.

Keeping up with friends shouldn’t be simply faster than ever, but also easier than ever and this is exactly what these new Photo Features from the Android app in Facebook are ready to offer us all. Let us know if you enjoyed them and if you feel the difference.