LG`s Smart Light Bulbs for Better Phone Interaction

The light bulbs technology developed by top electronics companies like Philips have led to a series of innovative enhancements that the smartphone manufacturers have already taken advantage of. We are talking about the LG phone manufacturer that has developed smart light bulbs on its own that are able to make connectivity with your phone faster, easier and much pleasant.

After famous companies like Philips or Belkin, the Korean smartphone maker LG would become the third major smart lightbulbs manufacturer to develop this kind of ingenuity. The so called “LG Smart Lamps” are not yet ready to be seen on the market, but sources state that they can be purchased at the right price of 35,000 Korean won, which is around $32 in the near future.

What does exactly a smart light bulb do?

A smart bulb, is that light being controlled by an Android app and that alerts you whenever you have incoming calls or messages or want to schedule an appointment. You can program the lights to go on or off by using different modes and you can also adjust the brightness of the bulbs. Aside from that, the app comes with a “security mode” that gives you the choice to program to turn them on at a certain time, for instance when you want to wake up in the morning after a few cold drinks late in the night.

More than that, and perhaps a revolutionary act of faith on behalf of LG is the long-lasting capabilities of the smart light bulbs. If turned on every five hours each day, they can last up to more than 10 years, as they can hold up energy by around 80% in contrast with a regular light bulb.

At first, the smart light bulbs are presumed to be available only in Korea, but expect them on the markets worldwide in the following months. Perhaps the LG wants to test them locally to give us all a great perspective on that matter.

Would you have smart light bulbs enhanced on your LG or perhaps on other following devices in the near future, or would you stick to the old and ordinary apps for waking up, scheduling a meeting or anything else? Cheers and don’t forget to write!