Nokia X To Be Launched in Indonesia on March 27

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Nokia has just decided to expand the availability of its first Android based smartphone, Nokia X in even more countries. We have already seen this entry level device as it went on sale in countries like India and Malaysia, but now the Finnish company has planned to launch its Nokia X handset in Indonesia as well. Things are moving faster than you might be expecting as long as Nokia Indonesia has already sent out its official invites to the media. Are you curious to find out more details about the message that they have choose? Then, don’t hesitate to read and find out more details:

A brief, yet strong message

The company has mentioned in the invite: “Prove the thrill of using the Nokia X that combines the best services of Nokia, Microsoft and access to Android applications” – a message which is brief, yet strong enough to help Nokia to achieve its goal. Moreover, we also know that the event is scheduled for March 27 in Jakarta, the capital and the largest city of Indonesia and the company has even more surprises.

It seems that Nokia X isn’t the only Android based smartphone that will soon reach to Indonesia , but so are the other Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL devices. Sadly, there is no official announcement on this subject yet, but it is more than likely for this information to be a real one.

Canada, Korea, US and Japan

As for those currently living in Canada, Korea, US or Japan, we might not actually have the greatest news for you. Nokia has officially decaled its Nokia X won’t become available in any of these regions that we have just mentioned, but don’t worry; there are other options for you as well .

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