How to Remove Tapsnake Android Virus From any Android Devices with ease

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It appears that many Android users have reported being infected with a Trojan virus, which appears in their device when accessing various websites. The virus is relatively old reported for the first time in 2010, but at this point, it has become quite famous. What it is worth mentioning is the fact that the virus is fake and is being spread through certain websites.

At the time when users access certain websites, a pop up box appears and mentions the fact that the Android device is affected by Trojan: MobileOS/Tapsnake . In the same time, the pop up window offers to get rid of the virus by giving you a free antivirus. In most cases, people are fooled by the Fake Virus Scare and they choose to download the particular free antivirus application through this pop up box.

However, as I said earlier, Trojan: MobileOS/Tapsnake is completely FAKE, your device is not affected, and, therefore, there is no need for you to download the respective antivirus program suggested by the pop-up box. As you can see, the so-called virus only convinces people to download alternative apps and programs.

In order for you to be convinced, multiple developers and users have tested it by opening the same site where this threat appears. When accessing the respective website, the fake virus displays the following text:

ANDROID VIRUS DETECTED; A site you recently visited has infected your phone with (Trojan: MobileOS/Tapsnake); Press OK to remove the threat

However, I am sure that many of you encountered this problem and decided to download the app after seeing the virus on your screen. If you already downloaded the app after seeing this message on your Android device, do not worry because you did not install anything harmful. You only installed a harmless antivirus program.

This kind of abusive method is called “Scareware” and it makes people believe that the virus was installed on their Android devices from the site they have previously visited. The warning window advises people to get rid of the virus by installing a free antivirus program, or any other third-party application.

Is Tapsnake Trojan Virus REAL?

In the same time, while a high percent or people are fooled with this method, other users actually install the real Tapsnake Trojan Virus on their Android devices. However, in case of this actually happens, you will already know that you have the real thing. As the name might suggest, the Tapsnake virus displays a retro Snake Game on the device’s display.

The Tapsnake virus is used to spy the location. With its help, people who want to know your location will easily find it, without you even know it. As you can see, it is actually easy to see if the real virus has managed to make its way on your Android device or if you are a victim of a fake Trojan virus.

How to Prevent and Remove the Tapsnake Virus

As you may imagine, one you have affected your Android device with the real Trojan virus, the only thing left for you to do is to install a proper antivirus. For example, you have the possibility to go with McFee Antivirus or with Norton antivirus. Both of them are actually quite reliable and effective and they can turn out to be useful not only in the case of Tapsnake virus, but in the case of any other harmful viruses.

In the same time, you should never install illegal third-party apps form apk files, which, in most cases, are a source of viruses or harmful programs. Keep your Android device clean with a reliable antivirus program and beware of harmful viruses.

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