HTC One M8 to come in Glacial Silver and Amber Gold

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Do you remember when everyone asked for something different than the usual black HTC One and HTC One Max and HTC offered us something called the “Amber Gold” edition? The story is the same for HTC’s latest One M8 which is also expected to come in both Glacial Silver and Amber Gold versions. From what we know at this point, these handsets seem to be coming with the same specs and features as the original brushed Gunmetal Gray color that we have all seen leaked in the past few weeks.

Glacial Silver and Amber Gold Versions

When it comes to the Amber Gold version of the HTC One M8, you should know from the start that this one will be sold exclusively through Best Buy and the latest information pointed that the that the smartphone should be available through Best Buy’s carrier partners as well. But unfortunately, this offer doesn’t include T-Mobile. As for the Glacial Silver HTC One M8 version, it is also said to become soon available depending on your carrier and region, but we are still waiting for more details.

A much more durable construction as well

And don’t forget that HTC is known for continually creating devices that transform the smartphone industry and successfully keep up with latest public’s requirements. So, you should also know that he HTC’s One M8 body has been totally re-crafted in order to offer us not only a more stunning design, but also a much more durable construction. To be more precise, HTC One M8 sports a unibody made of 90% metal instead of 70% found on its predecessor, also having a much sleeker look.

So, we have a high quality metal unibody and three amazing colors to choose from: Glacial Silver, Amber Gold and Gunmetal Gray and we bet that it is very hard to say no to these temptations. Are you thinking about buying it? Then, here we have AT&T, Sprint and Verizon HTC One M8 offers, including both contract free and two-year agreements for all of you are interested on finding out more.

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