Samsung Galaxy S5 Gets Rooted ahead its Official Launch

Even though Samsung’s Galaxy S5 hasn’t been officially launched, it seems that the popular Android developer Chainfire has successfully managed to root the handset and release his signature CF-Auto-Root root solution too. Chainfire has just posted on his Google+ account that he managed to gain access to a stock firmware for some days now, but he has published it only after applying the proper testes in order to be sure that everything functions as it should. But you must be careful about something:

Flash the CF-Auto-Root package using Odin

Only Samsung’s Galaxy S5 international model is supported at the moment, the Snapdragon-powered one that has the model number SM-G900F, but it seems that other variants of CF-Auto-Root for the other Galaxy versions should be out after the phone makes its way to its potential consumers on April 11. So, your Samsung Galaxy S5 can be rooted by flashing the CF-Auto-Root package using Odin.

This tool that we are talking about will install SuperSU on the Galaxy S5 handset before restoring the stock recovery to allow you to gain root access in  just a few minutes. You can download the necessary files from here and prepare yourself to root as soon as  having the Galaxy S5 in your hands, but remember something: a procedure like rooting will void your warranty, so be sure that this is what you really want.

Assume your responsibility!

And yes, we all know that CF-Root has been available for so many handsets such as Galaxy S models (S1, S2, S3, S4), as well as Galaxy Note ones including Note2 and Note3, but it isn’t official, so we cannot guarantee you that it is as safe as presented. You are the one that has to assume this responsibility! Use it on your own risk or enjoy Samsung’s Galaxy S5 as given, with no other interventions!