HTC One M8 Gold Arriving In UK Earlier Than Predicted

HTC has just come off the stage with a couple of release events for their famous flagship, the HTC One M8 in London and in the New York. The company has unveiled the smartphone that follows the path of the original HTC One M7, mostly by taking its most successful parts, the parts that made it a complete success.

The One M8 reveals a stunning unibody aluminum design while providing an amazing quality and finish. In the same time, the gentle curves are much better than before and the bezels surrounding the display are even smaller than in the case of the previous device. It comes with a variety of colors such as Gunmetal Grey, Amber Gold, and Silver, each one of these colors with its own stunning effect.

In what concerns its release date and availability, just last week we have reported that, the Gold version of the HTC One M8 would land in Carphone Warehouse in the UK by April 7. However, now, recent rumors fast-forward the release date with a few days and it seems that we should expect the device a little bit earlier.

As the rumors confirm, the new delivery date is set for April 2, with the phone going on sale online and on the phone today. If you already preordered one, you might end up with the handset in your hands a little bit earlier than expected. I am sure that this is good news for all of you who are on the wait list.

In the same time, if you want to go to a brick-and-mortar shop to purchase one, you will be able to do that starting with April 2. As reported earlier, Carphone Warehouse will see Gold, Silver, and Gunmetal HTC One M8 for exactly £529.95 SIM-free. Feel free to visit their official website in order to reserve one for yourself, as soon as possible.

The device is actually a hit, if we take into comparison with other notable handsets available at this moment. Among all those great things, with HTC One M8, users will get twin rear-facing cameras, which are perhaps the most innovative part of the handset. With a single press of a button, both cameras will take simultaneous snaps, enabling users to switch focus between foreground and background after the image has been taken.

Moreover, HTC One M8 features a multi-bad amplifier and redesigned speakers, offering more depth and 25% more volume. In the same time, HTC Connects also enables you to quickly and easily share your music with a sound system. In case you want to have a device with these features, place your pre-order now at the closest carrier, and be the first one who try it.