Samsung Smart Home Services Improves Home Automation

Samsung Electronics released an official announcement regarding its Samsung Smart Home service, which makes the home automation quite simple and effortless, and all within all app, which connects mobile devices, appliances, TVs, as well as multiple wearable devices.

The service will be first revealed in Korea and United States, and more countries around the world, throughout the year. Basically, this service makes home automation effortless and reliable. Samsung Smart home aims to help people live better worry less and be smarter with their personal smart devices and appliances. In the same time, the company plans to expand this wide experience to areas with high growth potential such as home security and energy management.

With Samsung Smart home app, people can control multiple devices at the same time. For instance, a user can only say “Good Night” to the TV remote control and connected devices within the home, such as the Smart bulb or air conditioners will be automatically turned off.

Now, users can use the service on their smartphone or wearable devices in order to check the status of their home appliances. On the go, users can fully control the washer and select the wash program for the laundry to be ready when they arrive at home.

All data is transmitted the app and it is completely encrypted for increased security. This will grant people a safe and secure experience while their data remain private. Through the app, users can easily add a new appliance or a smart device and manage all compatible devices and appliances that are connected to a wireless home network.

Once the device is added to the list of Smart home program, it takes only a couple of steps using the app’s indications. Moreover, the easy-to-navigate user interface will make browsing and managing easily and simple.

Samsung states that the smartphone app will be available on Google Play and Samsung apps. In the same time, a separate app will be soon available for Samsung Gear 2 powered by Tizen, and the app for Samsung’s 2014 Smart TV models will be available in April.

Besides the energy management and home safety aspect, the company plans to expand their service line-up to other smart products, including the Smart Bulb, as well as robot vacuum cleaners and the Samsung Gear Fit. Users will have to register for the Samsung Smart Home app with their Samsung account.