Google Reportedly Improving Stock Android Camera

According to the latest rumors, it appears that Google is planning to push new features and improvements to the Stock Android camera in order to make it more professional and accessible.

More precisely, the big search engine company is testing a new application, which will be offered as a standalone application in the Play Store. This application is meant to make it possible for Google to update it without updating the whole operating system. As normal, along with a new improved application, the stock camera will gain a refreshed user interface, and Google also plans to fix framing. In this way, the entirety of the shot is visible in preview mode when taking a picture.

Moreover, along with the camera update, we might expect a mode that mimics a shallow depth of the field lens used to create a blurry background behind the subject of the photo. As some of you might know, this feature is present on several OEM android devices, such as Xperia Z2, Galaxy S5, and HTC One.

Google is also planning to make some significant improvements in what concerns the panorama feature and the Photo Sphere Modes, which are expected to stitch imagery at a higher resolution.

What might be considered to most intriguing part is the fact that Google plans to open up the stock camera to third-party developers, who will presumably be able to create custom filters to the application. For this matter, developers will be able to import filters and expand their functionality.

This new Google Stock camera application is currently in testing and Google will soon be ready to release it. Nonetheless, this is not the first time when Google tries to improve the camera app in the Stock Android. In November, various reports suggested that a new and improved API were found in the code repository.

The code also suggested that the stock camera might get new features such as burst mode, RAW capture, and face detection for stock Android devices. At that time, it was assumed that Google was not ready with all those feature in order to make them part of the big Android 4.4 KitKat release.

This stock camera update will definitely place Google among its competitors such as the OEMs offered by Samsung or Sony. In the same time, it will allow Google to add new features at a faster rate. Nonetheless, we will definitely be thanking Google if this will eventually become real.