Mysterious Trio of Samsung Handsets are Tested in India

Despite already launching several tablets and smartphones this year, Samsung is clearly preparing us much more surprises. The Korean firm is working on a trio of new handsets which have been spotted as SM-C115L, SM-W350F and SM-Z9005 and from what we know at this point, they seem to have been sent to India for testing, something we have seen more than once in the past. That’s at least what the Indian import export site Zauba has just revealed, so let’s take a closer look to what we know so far about this Samsung models:

Samsung SM-C115L

The first Samsung SM-C115L model is rumored to be a version of the upcoming Galaxy S5 Zoom (SM-C115). At this point, we can confirm that our units of the SM-C115L have been sent to India for testing, with the price of no less than INR 28,065 ($470), so this device won’t be equipped with modest specs.

Samsung SM-W350F

When it comes to the second mobile on the list, the SM-W350F, we have reasons to believe that it is none other than Samsung’s first Windows Phone 8.1 handset coming with a 480 x 800 WVGA display. This handset that we are talking about will most likely be known as Ativ Core and will have a price of only INR 15,592 ($260).

Samsung SM-Z9005

Finally, here we are at the device having the model number SM-Z9005 which is probably Samsung’s first Tizen-based handset which was initially supposed to be unveiled last year. This time we are talking about a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and a price of 28,065 INR ($470 USD) once again, not to mention that a number of no less than 12 units of the SM-Z9005 were sent to India for testing.

We know that information is limited at this point and that we have no details regarding when any of these handsets will be officially announced, but we are waiting for more details to be revealed. Be sure that we’ll let return as soon as we hear anything new regarding all three Samsung devices.