T-Mobile BlackBerry users: $200 Credit for Upgrading to a New Samsung Device

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Not so long ago John Chen, CEO of Blackberry has decided that it’s time to break all agreements with the T-Mobile carrier, so the company has officially declared that T-Mobile’s license to sell BlackBerry products in the US market will not be renewed. As a response to Blackberry’s decision, T-Mobile CEO John Legere Legere has stated that “The mobile carrier always has and always will remain loyal to BlackBerry customers.”, but their action doesn’t actually confirms that. T-Mobile wants us all to believe that “Nothing’s changed, including how your current T-Mobile BlackBerry device operates on our network now or in the future”, but what about their latest offer which includes a credit of no less than $200 to all its existing Blackberry users for upgrading to any new Samsung device?

An Interesting T-Mobile Gift Card

The $200 credit is going to be given to all interested customers in the form of a gift card and don’t forget that the deal will be valid until the end of the year. And this isn’t the only surprise that T-Mobile has prepared for its BlackBerry users. It is officially confirmed that the carrier is also offering $100 to users on its network upgrading to any new smartphone.

And we have to tell you once again that this offer will remain valid throughout the entire year as well. “Ready to make a change and upgrade your T-Mobile BlackBerry to a new Samsung phone? Now’s a great time to get a new Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Light, or even the brand-new Galaxy S5” is the company suggesting on its official offer page.

And it seems that people are already responding to their offer.

Are you ready to make BlackBerry a part of your past?

To be more precise, you can get $100 credit to make a switch from a BlackBerry handset to a device from any other company and no less than $200 if you are deciding to choose a Samsung smartphone.

We don’t know what to say about you, but to us this doesn’t really sounds as a loyalty proof, but more as a way of convincing you to make BlackBerry a part of your past.

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