How to Disable Heads-up Notifications on Android

People once discovered that one of the new features of Android Lollipop was the Heads-up notifications. I am talking about those small floating windows that appear when you receive a call, a message or an app alert. In theory they are useful because they give you the chance to respond or dismiss a notification without leaving the app you are in, but they are also invasive and I bet that I am not the only one thinking that it could be better without these Heads-up Notifications on Android.

You know that Google has not provided any sort of method to disable the Heads up notifications on Lollipop, but hey, world hasn’t stopped there. For some, Lollipop is already history and there are plenty of OEMs which like to include the ability to turn off heads-up notifications on their phones, but it is usually not a global solution, but it depends on an app that may or may not function properly all the time.

These days, all you really need is an app known as HeadsOff installed on your phone and you will put an end to your problem. You should know from the start the fact that this free app that I am telling you about requires running a background service which merely blocks the notifications, not disables them. This means only one thing: extra battery consumption, so is your Android device up to that?

If it is, then take the app from this Google Play link and waste no more time. Once installed it from the Play Store, you must simply enable the service from within the program and let it do its job. And you can enjoy it in English or German too.

HeadsOff also comes in a pro version, which lets you disable Heads-up notifications for individual apps. Even more, it can restore the ticker text in the status bar to see a little notification preview, so I bet that some of you might be interested on that.

You can grab the pro version from here.

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