Galaxy S5 has Enjoyed Amazing Sales on its Launch Day

As the Samsung Galaxy S5 went on sale in over 125 countries on April 11, the device has enjoyed amazing sales on its launch day, as a report published by the Korean media has just revealed. Let’s take the example of UK, where long lines of people waiting were seen outside Samsung’s Experience Stores, not to mention that the handset was a real success in Europe as well. We are talking about over 200 sales in the first hour at the Paris Samsung Store and no less than 700 buyers in Rotterdam in Galaxy’s S5 launch day as well.

Samsung’s Galaxy is a Success

From what we know at this moment, the latest Galaxy S5 has surpassed the launch-day sales of its Galaxy S4 by over 30 percent, so you can only imagine that we are talking about a hot start. Last year, the company’s Galaxy S4 has managed to sell no less than 10 million units in less than a month, while Galaxy S4‘s predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S III model, needed 50 days to reach the same number.

As for Samsung’s Galaxy S II handset, this one needed 5 months to hit the 10 million sales mark, not to mention that the original Samsung Galaxy S has reached 10 million in sales after 7 months only.

The Market is not yet Saturated

A Samsung spokesperson has officially declared in the Korean media that the company has received orders for millions units and the interesting part is that the “the market is not yet saturated.”

Anyway, Samsung is worried about having enough supply for this demand; the company didn’t anticipated such a success, that’s for sure, but we still believe that things won’t happen as in Sony’s Xperia Z2 case.

Samsung has a certain reputation, but we’ll keep an eye on things and let you know what will happen next!