LG G Watch is Available for pre-sale on Mobile Fun

Have you heard that LG G Watch is already available for pre-sale on Mobile Fun? We can tell you from the start that we are talking about a price of no more than $254.99 and you can choose between the Stealth Black and the Champagne Gold (with white straps) versions the one that you’d like to use.

LG’s G Watch Display, Processor and Battery

Despite of the fact that it hasn’t been officially introduced, LG G Watch is not at all a mystery. We already know a few details about its specifications, so we can tell you for sure that it comes with a 1.6-inch display having a resolution of 280×280 pixels, as well as with a number of 4GB of internal storage, as well as a quad-core 787MHz Snapdragon CPU.

As for its 400mAh battery, it seems to be able to offer us around 36 hours of standby time per charge, needing no more than 2 hours for a full charge.

Availability, Shipping Date and Retail Pricing

Given the included specs, what do you think about this Mobile Fun price? Is LG’s new G Watch too expensive? We know that there are plenty of other options such the Pebble and Gear 2 Neo which are more affordable than that, but it is still too early for any predication.

And don’t leave aside the fact that MobileFun is UK-based, but it still has a strong a presence in several other countries, so G Watch is now showing as being available to pre-order from their various country-specific storefronts as well, with estimated shipping dates between the 7th and 9th of July.

To be more precise, here we have the countries that have the LG G Watch, but the given price does not include the shipping costs too which can vary from one country to another: Australia for a price of AUD $270.99, with a shipping date of July 9, China – for ¥1,580.99 – on July 9, France – for €225.99 – on July 8, Germany – for €223.99 – on July 8, Hong Kong – for HKD $1,973.49 – on July 9, Japan – for ¥26,000 – on July 9, Korea – for ₩258,621 – on July 9, New Zealand – for NZ $293.99 – on July 9, Singapore – for SGD $318.49 – on July 9, Spain – for €227.99 – on July 8, UK – for £180.00 – To be Confirmed, as well as US – for USD $254.99 – on July 7.

So, what do you say? Are you thinking about the possibility of pre-ordering the device? In case of remembering, MobileFun is also the same website that has listed the price for the Moto 360 at £199 at the beginning of the month, but now things have changed and the product is only listing with a price that has “to Be Confirmed”. Are you worried that this will also happen to this G Watch?

Will we see LG’s G Watch at Google I/O?

And don’t forget about the upcoming Google I/O, where the official launch of Android Wear and the Android Wear flagship devices such as Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch will be in the spotlight.

Some people have argued that this LG G Watch won’t even be present at Google I/O, but we hope that they are wrong and that we’ll have the chance to find out even more about it. So, stay tuned!