Android Wear Receives Flappy Bird Clone

It was just a matter of time until the famous Android games would finally arrive on Android wearable devices and Flappy Birds clone makes no exception from the rule, becoming thus the first Android game ever to be launched on a wearable device. Even if we are talking about a small-sized screen, an Android wear can now support games otherwise found on smartphone or tablets alone, just by simply limiting it to its own dimension and integration.

A lot of Android users may find the Flappy Bird clone unsuitable to wear the flag of being the first game ever put on an Android Wear, but let`s face it, the game is easy to play, just by doing some simple taps or swipes along the way.

Another interesting fact about the game, is that it can be downloaded directly from the Play Store and after that, you are ready to play it right from your wrist`s display. Also, in case you were wondering about the visuals, we might say that the video fidelity is quite impressive, especially since the pixelated Bird was replaced by “the default Bugdroid green robot”.

There are still a lot of fixes to be done, but in time, all those bugs will be taken care of, especially now when we witnessed that Android Wear games are indeed possible. After all, we are talking about a history of 30 years of gaming, where everything is possible, especially with all the technology that is changing in a blink of an eye.

In case you have a wearable device and download the Flappy Bird clone on your wrist, just head to our site and let your thoughts flow. We would want to know how you feel about having a game on your wrist and how do you handle the Flappy Bird clone, since it seemed to have received some bad remarks as well! Cheers!