Enable System-wide Round Icon Support on OnePlus 3T

Google is behind Android, but it also makes its own phones, too. Google might have once been only interested on the software side of things, but its Pixel phones are a proof that things have changed.

Well, whether you like it or not, with the release of their new flagship devices, Google has started to behave like a manufacturer and started including little software tweaks on top of stock Android that device makers add to Android in order to differentiate themselves from one another. For example, when it comes to the Pixel phones, I am thinking of that new set of rounded home screen icons that you can’t get anywhere else.

If you also want to enable System-wide Round Icon Support on your OnePlus 3T, be sure that I can help you. You see, these Google-exclusive icons didn’t actually remain exclusive very long and you can get them on your very own handset with the help of a few simple steps.

You are the one responsible for anything that you do to your device, let me be clear about that from the start, but these preparatory steps should keep you away of any trouble:

  • OxygenOS Open Beta 3 based on Android Nougat 7.1.1;
  • A custom ROM based on Android Nougat 7.1.1;
  • Your OnePlus 3T must be rooted. If this is a problem, then this guide on How to Root your OnePlus 3T and Install TWRP will help you;
  • You also need a root explorer and my choice was the reliable ES File Explorer;
  • Your device must have a launcher that supports round icons. Since Nova, Action Launcher and Pixel Launcher offer that, any of these can be your option! Note that the round icon isn’t offered by launcher, but the app itself does that. Every app that supports round icon will provide two type of icons (normal and rounded), so what we want to do is using the round icon provided by OEM to change the framework-res.apk in our devices.

Enable System-wide Round Icon Support on OnePlus 3T:

  1. You will later replace the current framework-res.apk file to the modified framework-res.apk, so take it now from here;
  2. Also take the ES File Explorer by accessing this link;
  3. Open it;
  4. Pull the menu drawer, go to Tools>Root Explorer and toggle it on;
  5. Also allow the permissions if required;
  6. Tap on Root Explorer and select Mount R/W and then mount the system as Read/Write;
  7. Copy the downloaded framework-res.apk;
  8. Now, find your way to /system/framework/;
  9. The folder already contains a framework-res.apk, but you still have to paste the framework-res.apk that you have copied before and replace the original;
  10. At that point, your OnePlus 3T will instantly restart;
  11. When this happens, go to Settings>Apps>Pixel Launcher;
  12. While there, clear the app data entirely;
  13. You will now be greeted with those System-wide Round Icons that you love, that’s a promise!

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