Samsung Gear VR Device Reportedly Coming at IFA 2014

The idea of Samsung launching a virtual reality device was rumored for quite some time, but it was only now that the rumors were partially confirmed, as the South Korean smartphone maker is “secretly” working with the Oculus Rift, signed by Facebook, on a world premiere VR device. The device will be called Gear VR and the device will be reportedly announced by Samsung at IFA 2014, where the smartphone maker will also launch the long-awaited Note 4.

What is different about this virtual reality device, is that it is not an ordinary headset, but might be instead considered as a modular device which can be hooked to a Galaxy smartphone via an USB 3.0.

More than that, the VR device will make use of the smartphone accelerator or the gyroscope to monitor the head motion, using also the device`s AMOLED display for an astonishing virtual reality experience.

In terms of costs, expect Samsung to put a spicy price for the upcoming Gear VC, as the company doesn’t like to come up with cheap products, especially since it is about a premiere device, also coming with some interesting facilities in terms of comfort.

Speaking about comfort, we might be talking thus about an elastic head band and also some soft padded cushions found on the sides of the device, with a much better implementation on Samsung`s behalf.

Next, the Samsung Gear VC offers an invisible button that lets you use the rear-facing camera of your smartphone to handle the video motion of the outside world, which is an easy way to keep track of the motion process, without having to remove the headset over and over again.

Finally, the Samsung Gear VC device also comes with a touchpad under the “see through button”, allowing you to surf via a user interface found on your Galaxy smartphone.

We will wait for the IFA 2014 to see how really well Samsung would have done with the long-expected Gear VR device! Until then, don’t forget to write and share your thoughts! Cheers!