Samsung Retina Scanner on Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy F / S5 Prime

The Korean company Samsung is hinting that it will offer us a retina scanner on some of its upcoming smartphones. To be more precise, @SamsungExynos tweeted a new image about improved security with a unique method of allowing user’s eye to unlock a device. Could these privileged handsets be Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy F / S5 Prime?

We cannot know that for sure at this point, but rumor has it that this is what Samsung is planning. We all know that people have always been fascinated by iris recognition technology and this would assure the company’s success.

First Fingerprint Scanners from Motorola and Apple

The story begins with Motorola which has offered us an embedded fingerprint scanner on its Atrix 4G smartphone three years ago. This special feature worked just like Apple’s Touch ID, giving us the chance to unlock the handset by simply using the finger instead of an unlock code. But the manufacturer wasn’t very convincing when it comes of proving the necessity of such a feature and that’s where Apple entered in scene and played its part better than anyone else.

So, although Apple’s iPhone 5s wasn’t the first to include this technology, this is the company that has manages to bring the feature to the masses. Apple presented it as a way of improving access to security features whilst unlocking the phone, its Touch ID also being surprisingly accurate.

And we all know that with the release of the most recent iOS 8, Apple is opening the feature up to third-party app developers that have the chance to incorporate Touch ID into their applications, so the story is far from reaching to an end.

Retina Scan from Samsung

Anyway, Samsung wants a taste of this success as well and we all know that fingerprint scanner is already being used in Galaxy S5 as well, but now, the company is promising us something even better than that.

Samsung hasn’t managed to bring a new feature to the Galaxy S5, but it has simply used a similar approach to Apple’s iPhone 5s by using an embedded fingerprint scanner inside the home button of its handset. The retina scan would definitely be different, something that could easily capture everyone’s attention as long as we have never seen anything like that before.

And we have told you, there are big chances to find out that this feature will make its way into Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy F / S5 Prime handsets which are expected to be announced in September. We have no official confirmation of that, but we all know that Samsung has admitted it’s very interested in this type of security feature in the past, so the future looks more than promising.

In fact, Samsung Exynos, the company’s chip division has clearly mentioned that: “Security can be improved using features unique to us. That’s what we envision”, so let’s just wait and see what will happen next.