NSA Scandal: Rovio denies playing any role

We have just told you that the National Security Agency and the British Government Communications Headquarters have been using the “Angry Birds” game in a way that we couldn’t have even imagined. Maybe we have though about finding out that NSA is spying on Internet users by hacking into Microsoft and Google’s data centers, but not in a million year we didn’t saw them as using this popular Android game for collecting user data. To be more specific, spy agencies have the possibility to determine an Angry Birds player’s age, sex, location, education level, income, sexual orientation and other personal information, based on data offered by advertising firms such as Millennial Media or Rovio, or at least this is what an insider from NSA has just revealed. There is no surprise that this news was more than enough for a real scandal to start, but Rovio denies playing any role in this twisted story.

No one can deny that various surveillance activities can be indeed conducted through third party advertising networks, but there is much more that you should know in this case.

NSA Scandal Rovio denies playing any role

NSA Scandal Rovio denies playing any role

The advertising company should actually be the one that allows any third party network to use the personal user’s data from its apps and as our source confirms, Rovio was very clear that it doesn’t offer such sort of permission to anyone. But NSA would actually need their permission for doing what it already has in mind?

And what about everything that this insider from NSA that we have told you about had to offer? His statements come along with several classified documents showing how its agency is actually monitoring the user data. Are these documents fake or Rovio is just trying to find its own way out of this scandal?

Could it be a bigger picture out there that we are not supposed to see yet? Probably yes, and even if NSA hadn’t hacked into any central data base to dig for information, we still have to know that we are much more vulnerable than we are imagining at the moment. There are plenty of other ways for these agencies to know everything about us. So, do you think that you private life is really private? Well, take another guess! And be careful about how much you’re exposing. Someone might be watching exactly where you are expecting the less.

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