Galaxy Camera 2 Specs and Features Revealed

We all remember the first-gen Galaxy Camera, but now that the Galaxy Camera 2 has been just announced it’s the perfect time to see what it has to offer us and if it is indeed better than the previous model. We can tell you from the start that this new smart point-and-shoot camera features Android, is operated primarily through controls on a 4.8-inch touchscreen and it has a 21x optical zoom, just as its predecessor (if we are to introduce some specs details). And it also carries the same 16MP sensor, but you shouldn’t imagine that Samsung hasn’t prepared new surprises for all eager to become the owners of this Galaxy Camera 2 device.

Specs wise, this Galaxy Camera 2 houses a new 1.6GHz quad-core processor paired with 2GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. As for the new 2000 mAh battery, it is estimated to last over 350 shots per single charge, not to mention that it in addition to the usual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it also comes with NFC connectivity.

Galaxy Camera 2 Has Been Just Announced

Galaxy Camera 2 Has Been Just Announced

Even more, this recently announced Samsung Galaxy model includes a better image processing system that the company present us as being able to offer better looking photos and that’s exactly what we are all hoping to get. Besides all these, don’t forget that it comes with a variety of new smart scene modes (no less than 28, to be more specific) as a response to the initial complains coming from the owners of the original Galaxy Camera. And it also gives you the possibility to select separate autofocus and autoexposure points on touchscreen, so you can be sure that your pictures have all the chances to turn out right.

As our source confirms, Samsung hasn’t provided any details on the availability and pricing of its new Galaxy Camera 2 up to now, but let’s hope that we’ll find all these aspects at the CES. So, it’s just a matter of a few days until finding out exactly if you afford buying it or still need to save some money for that.

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