Author: Popa Loredana


Google Glass to be Covered by VSP

It’s the beginning of a new era where wearable devices are finally ready to get rId of that science fiction aura and become a part of our daily reality. That’s exactly what this new cooperation between the health care and...


HTC M8 To Be Released in Four Colors

Rumors about the successor of HTC One, codenamed HTC M8 are spreading faster than ever. Do you know what the latest ones are? Well, according to a pair of tweets from XDA TV producer Shen Ye, we have reasons to...


NSA Scandal: Rovio denies playing any role

We have just told you that the National Security Agency and the British Government Communications Headquarters have been using the “Angry Birds” game in a way that we couldn’t have even imagined. Maybe we have though about finding out that...