Author: Popa Loredana


Android based Nokia “Normandy” Leaked

When Microsoft has first announced its intention to buy Nokia’s mobile handset division we were all confused and the story seemed even more difficult to process taking in consideration that the rumors of Nokia making Android smartphones were spread around...


Install CM11 on Sony Xperia SP

Sony’s Xperia SP is nothing else than a decent midrange smartphone that gets its power from a 1.7 GHz dual core processor paired with 1 GB RAM, also being equipped with a 4.6 inch scratch resistant TFT display and both...


Google Play Services Upgraded to Version 4.1

Google Play Services 4.0 was released back in October just after the latest KitKat version became official and we were impressed by its included improvements such as Wallet, Google+ sign-in, Location services, and more. But now, that Google announced that...