Galaxy S5: The Best Wireless Charging Solutions

Although it is one of the best handsets of the moment, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 does not have built in wireless charging. Could this be a problem for you? Then, it’s time to take action! Here we have gathered some of the best Wireless Charging Solutions for your Galaxy S5 that you should take in consideration coming from both Samsung and other companies.

Best Wireless Charging Solutions for your Galaxy S5:

1. Choose a Qi-compatible Charging Pad
Because of its IP67 rating for water resistance, the Galaxy S5 has a flap covering the microUSB port. You have to remove that flap any time you want to charge your phone, so we must admit that it is indeed mush easier to plop your Galaxy S5 down on a Qi-compatible charging pad, but don’t forget about something. Your phone won’t charge quite as quickly as you might want, not to mention that the Qi-enabled wireless backs for the Galaxy S5 make the device a little thicker.

Some of the options that you could take in consideration are the following ones:

The Zens Qi USB wireless pad is powered by a USB port, so it works a little different than we are used too. You have to plug it into your computer, place your phone on the pad and let it do its job. You can see a small LED on the front face of the charger and if it is hidden, you can still see it flashing while the device is charging.

The ADATA Elite C3700 wireless charging stand comes in two pieces so that you can flippy-floppy the charging plate and the aluminum shell around in order to transform it into an ideal charging stand. Moreover, we must tell you that it offers some other advantages such as the overvoltage protection: if the voltage exceeds a certain safe level, the CE700 protection mechanism will stop charging, as well as the overheat protection: if the temperature becomes a problem, the CE700 will automatically stop the power supply in order to protect both the charging stand and the cell phone.

ZENS Qi Wireless Car Charger is another option that you should take in consideration. We can tell you from the start that it is designed to split into your cup holder, also having a slot on its top designed to accommodate smartphones with displays even bigger than 5 inches, so Galaxy S5 is perfect for that. But its strange design that the company is offering us might not be what you need: you’re not going to be seeing your Samsung phone, so you’ll only be able to get audio directions from it if you use your smartphone for navigation.

LG’s WCP-300 wireless charger is our final option here. You should know that it is about 2.7 inches in diameter, as well as a bit thicker than the Samsung Galaxy S5 handset you’re going to charge it with, but it does its job better than you have imagined. The included travel charger is rated at 1.8A, so if you want a faster charge, you’ll have to plug in. But is this a real problem? Just do so, and you’re charging. Problem solved!

2. Official Wireless Charging Cases

Samsung has also released two official wireless charging cases that might be what you are looking for. In order to be sure of that, don’t hesitate to find out more details about them:

SView Cover Case is an interesting leather flip cover case with a square cut out on the front flap. The window that we are talking about is made out of very tough scratch resistant plastic, letting us interact with our Galaxy S5 and keeping it safe at the same time. We have also been surprised by the fact that its cutouts are very precise and crisp, managing to maintain the case in an elegant note.

But that’s not why we are here for! The fact that it has captured our interest is that the case also has a built in wireless charging. To install the case, you must remove the back plate on your Samsung Galaxy S5, place the metal contacts on the back of the phone and simply snap the case down. You should also know that when the handset is on and the case is closed, you’ll have a smaller version of your lock screen, with quick access to the weather, pedometer, as well as to camera.

Samsung Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover

Samsung Wireless Charging S-View Flip Cover

So, this SView Cover Case feels and looks great, it lets you access the handset when is closed, but you should also know that Samsung’s software does not fully recognize this case and this is a major problem. You’ll constantly receive messages about checking the back casing even though the case is secure, so be careful about what you are doing!

SView Cover Case can be found on Amazon for a price of $70 (use this link if you want to buy it).

Samsung’s Wireless Charging Cover case is another option that you should take in consideration. We can tell you from the start that the case snaps on the back of your Galaxy S5 just like the standard back one and like that you don’t have to be worried about that usual problem of removing and replacing your phone’s port plug each time the handset has to be charged.

Samsung’s Wireless Charging Cover case

Samsung’s Wireless Charging Cover case

We appreciate the fact that this case is compatible with the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and all other Qi-certified wireless charging pads, but the worst part is that when this case is added on your smartphone, slim cases will no longer fit on the device. Are you willing to accept that?

Then, you can take it from here (direct link on Amazon) for a price of $30.

And we are sure that the Best Wireless Charging Solutions list is going to get bigger and bigger, so don’t hesitate to stay tuned for plenty more on Galaxy S5 wireless charging solutions. We’ll be back! And meanwhile, a generous set of other guides on this device is waiting for you on our How To section, so enjoy!

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