Perfectly-Matching Accessories to Complement your Galaxy S5

When it comes to buying a new Android smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is one of the best choices that you could make. At the same time, we must admit the fact that the market has become swamped with accessories and add-ons for this device, so why not complementing it with one or even more perfectly-matching accessories?

But the offers are so many that you might have a hard time deciding. We are talking about cases and skins, microSD memory cards, wired handsfrees, touchscreen styluses, Bluetooth headsets and keyboards, charging devices, phone holders, USB data cables, repairing tools, dust caps and not only. This is exactly why we have decided to help you and we have tracked down the best Galaxy S5 accessories, so here we have a list including those ones that can really help you get the most out of your handset.

Accessories to Complement your Galaxy S5:

1. Samsung’s Gear Smartwatches

Samsung’s Gear family of smartwatches has a few members that were especially designed as companion device for the popular Galaxy S5.

We are especially fond of Gear Live thanks to the fact that it runs on Google’s recently released Android Wear platform and thanks to its deft handling of voice commands, but you should also take in consideration Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. As many of you know, Gear 2 is the most recent option that can be used for taking calls, capturing photos and videos, measuring your heart rate, streaming music to a Bluetooth headset, acting as a remote for your TV and not only, while the Neo model lacks the camera, but is a reliable choice as well.

You can take Samsung Gear Neo from here for a $199.99 price, Samsung Gear Live from here for the same price and Gear2 from here for $299.00.

2. Car Mount Options for your Galaxy S5
In case of looking for a car mount for your Galaxy S5 in order to make it easy to go hands-free while driving or to use your GS5 as a navigation device, here we have some options that we think that you might like:

Koomus Air Vent universal mount
This option is a full 360 degree rotatable option that can be mounted with any thick or thin protective cases on it. Even more, it can be tilted to create optimal angle to left, right, up and down, just as you want.

Koomus Air Vent universal mount

Koomus Air Vent universal mount

This model is compatible with all iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphone models as long as its stretchable clamp can hold from 1.5″ to 3.5″ wide, so what do you think? Is it what you need?

If yes, you can take it for a price of $15.99 from here.

Osomount 360 Grip In Car Mount
Here we have an universal car mount fits all mobile phones up to 101mm screen wide, including Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 S3 and more. All you have to do is to put the suction cup on your dashboard and push down the lever to secure it in place. The spring-loaded jaws will close to grip your Galaxy S5 and the silicone lining makes sure that there’s no chance to see it slipping out.

As we can guess from its name, this car mount rotates a full 360 degrees and it even has a ball joint, so you can find the perfect angle for your handset.

This Osomount 360 Grip In Car Mount can be yours for a price of $19.99 from here.

3. Anker 24W Car Charger
This well-designed car charger that we have here is able to offer maximum charge speed to devices for uninterrupted performance of navigation. Moreover, it also has two USB ports despite of the fact that it is fairly small, so it can simultaneously charge a second device (when we are saying small, we are referring at the fact that it has 2.9 x 1.0 x 0.9in).

This model is not only compatible with Galaxy S5, but with all USB-charged devices (excepting Asus Transformer and iPod Classic). And for best results, it is recommended to use the original charging cable that came with your Galaxy S5.

Anker 24W Car Charger can be taken from here (priced at $9.99).

4. USB OTG Cable
Here we have the highest quality and highest rated OTG cable on Amazon that has also managed to capture our interest. We can tell you from the start that there are several other cheaper cables than this one, but we are talking about a lifetime warranty, so it deserves your attention.

Wired game controllers are supposed to help you get the best out of your device! If you cannot afford buying a dedicated game controller, this might be the perfect option. The micro USB end plugs into your S5 and you can plug a wired Xbox 360 controller into the other end of your USB port and be sure that it will work great when it comes to playing your favorite games.

As for the price, be sure that it won’t empty your bank account. You can have it from here for $9.99.

5. Power Controllers for Your Galaxy S5
Do you want to enjoy the precision control of a wide range of games, such as racing or role playing games? You can do that on your Galaxy S5 that won’t disappoint you if you know what to choose for a little help: an ideal power controller with the big-screen performance of your Samsung smartphone can offer you a serious gaming experience, we can assure you of that!

Moga Hero Power Controller
If you’re a big gamer, then Moga’s controllers are a great choice for your Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. This model that we have here is portable and slim, offering precision controls with dual clickable analog sticks, shoulder buttons and triggers, a D-pad, as well as four action buttons. When it comes to its 1,800mAh mAh battery, it will be used to squeeze even more gaming time out of your S5.

Don’t worry; a LED light always indicates when the battery is getting low, not to mention that MOGA Boost and micro-B USB cables are included for recharging. And finally, the MOGA Hero Power pairs wirelessly with your Galaxy S5 via Bluetooth technology; the transmitter instantly sends commands to your smartphone, avoiding latency.

Don’t hesitate to take it from Amazon for a price of $38.99 (use this link in order to do so).

Samsung Game Pad
Here we have another option to take in consideration when it comes to combining gaming and your Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung Game Pad has full-function gaming controls as it comes with a directional-Pad, two analog control sticks, no less than four Action Pads, two Trigger Buttons, as well as a Start, Select and Game Button.

Samsung Game Pad

Samsung Game Pad

We like that this Samsung Game Pad provides a variety of games options (both paid and free-to-play), but don’t forget that for instant access to games and Samsung Apps game download page, the S Console App needs to be installed on your handset. And don’t forget that we have a retractable metal phone holder which various Samsung smartphones which screen sixes between 4” and 6.3”, so Galaxy S5 is obviously a perfect match!

Samsung is offering you this product for a price of $79.99.

6. Jackery Bar Portable Charger
If you are looking for a portable charger that you can use for your Galaxy S5, Jackery Bar is an ideal choice to take in consideration. Rated at 6,000mAh, it will charge your S5 faster than you might be thinking, not to mention that this external battery charger adds 200% -300% extra battery life.

It’s also pocket-friendly as has the title of the world’s thinnest external battery charger, so don’t worry about the fact that it won’t fit into your bag or pocket. So, it is great for long flights, road trips, or whenever you need to charge your mobile devices, not to mention that the compatibility list is much longer than the only member that we have mentioned up to now: we are also talking about Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2 battery, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPad and not only.

For a price of $29.95, this Jackery Bar Portable Charger can be yours from Amazon (use directly this link).

7. Headphones for your Galaxy S5
If you’re looking for a great set of headphones with realistic sound, you might consider one of these two options and you won’t regret it:

Klipsch Image S4A In-ear Headphones
These headphones have no less than three different sizes of washable ear tips; a small/medium dual flange design along with medium and large single flange designs. With the free Klipsch Control App, you can customize functionality of your music, while the noise-isolating feature makes sure that you can enjoy your favorite songs with no interruption.

And when it comes to comfort, these headphones deserve A+ as long as they are very light and narrow, so you won’t even feel them inside your ears (we are talking about 50 x 0.6 x 1 inches and a weight of 0.5 ounce).

Klipsch Image S4A In-ear Headphones can be yours for $57.50 from Amazon.

V-Moda XS Headphones
Over-the-ear headphones are supposed to be very comfortable and able to deliver an excellent sound and this is exactly what we have in mind when talking about V-Moda XS Headphones. Thanks to its unique collapsible CLIQFOLD design for compact storage and to that metal construction and military level testing, be sure that there is no better option to choose.

V-Moda XS Headphones

V-Moda XS Headphones

To be more precise, when we are saying military-level quality, we are talking about a special Kevlar-reinforced Cable for up to 1 million bends for cables and 45 degree strain relief,up to 60 drops from 1.5m onto concrete, as well as SteelFlex Headband for up to 10 flat bends and the ability to face severe high/low temperatures, humidity, or UV rays. The compact exoskeleton hard carry case and that detachable cable with 1-button microphone can make using your Galaxy S5 areal joy, so don’t hesitate to buy this product.

In order to do so, prepare $199.99 and use this Amazon link.

8. Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 Stylus Pen

We have previously talked about Olixar HexStyli 6-in-1 stylus pen which comes with a ball point pen, a stylus tip, a ruler, a spirit level and even two screwdriver heads, so there’s no surprise that it has managed to impress us all!

Olixar HexStyli is great for simple measurements as it features a 7cm and a 3 inch ruler printed on its body, it also has stylus tip at one end of the pen and a ballpoint ink pen at the other end, not to mention that its built-in spirit level will help you find the balance for all your photos.

You can buy it for 18.99€ from here.

9. Galaxy S5 Cases

Spigen Air Cushion Clear
This Spigen Air Cushion Clear Case offers dual protection for your Samsung Galaxy S5. The TPU sides act as a protective bumper case and the back’s hard shell clear plastic protects the design, so be sure you’re your Galaxy S5 is safe!

Even more, this Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a stylish bumper case with Air Cushion Technology and Rear Guard protection, its transparent back plate revealing the color and shape of your device.

You can get it now for no more than $19.99 from here.

OtterBox Galaxy S5 Defender Series
OtterBox Galaxy S5 Defender Series is a combination of protective case with added functionality. We have shock-absorbing and impact-deflecting materials, as well as built-in screen protector, this multi-layer case is especially made to withstands bumps, dust, shock and drops. Moreover, this case comes standard with a belt-clip holster, a clip that fits on most straps and belts, also rotating to any position you might want. And the unique styling and its button designs complement the your Galaxy S5 like no other ccase!

The OtterBox Galaxy S5 Defender Series can be your for $38.46 with free shipping from Amazon.

10. Spare Battery Charging System
The Galaxy S5 has a special Power saving mode, as well as an Ultra Power saving mode, but we know that some of you still need an extra battery. This kit provides the extra battery and the charging case that you need, also being extremely compact, so feel free to slip in to your small purse or bag.

Spare Battery Charging System

Spare Battery Charging System

We have the promise of a full charge of extra battery life, so prepare yourself to see Samsung’s Galaxy S5 going from 0 to 100% battery in seconds. And don’t forget that the adapter is a USB travel adapter that can be used with any Micro USB compatible phone models.

Amazon offers this Spare Battery Charging System for $39.10

11. Samsung Wireless Charging Pad
Wireless charging with this pad is easier than you are thinking. You just have to place your Samsung Galaxy S5 on the charger pad and it will begin charging, with no cables to plug or unplug any cable. Just make sure the LED is green in order to indicate that charging is go.

Samsung Wireless Charging Pad perfectly works S5, S4, Galaxy Note 3 and any other Qi-certified device, not to mention that a spare Samsung 2A charger is included with the pad. In any case, you have to be careful; if a non-Samsung or Samsung charger below 2A will be used, you may damage the charging pad – you have been warned about that!

Take it from here for a price of $49.99.

12. Samsung 64GB Class 10 MicroSD Card
We all know that Samsung Galaxy S5 comes in both 16GB and 32GB versions, but if you have lots of your photos, videos, and other files, as well as a generous music collection that you simply don’t want to delete, here we have a fast Samsung 64GB Class 10 MicroSD Card that will solve your problem.

Don’t hesitate to add storage capacity to your Galaxy S5, enjoying more space to store your apps, media, and files. To expand your device’s memory, simply insert the card into the included microSDHC with no additional installation or configuration necessary. And before taking a decision, we want you to know that it’s capable of facing magnetic fields and sudden impacts.

Samsung 64GB Class 10 MicroSD Card has a price of $28.45 on Amazon.

15. PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield Kit
In case of finking of the possibility to add to add an extra layer of protection to your new phone’s screen, this PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield Kit is a great solution. Besides the fact that it fits perfectly, can be combined with a case and it makes sure that you won’t have any bubbles thanks to its special self healing technology.

A free micro-fiber cloth included, so you’ll have the possibility to clean the screen before application and it even comes with a lifetime warranty!

The PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield Kit is available for a price of $24.99 with free shipping included from Amazon.

That’s all for the moment, but we’ll return with a more accessories when we find new options. Have you found something interesting for your Galaxy S5?

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