Sansung Galaxy Note 4 Event IFA Berlin 2014 [Live update]

Note 4 is here! Samsung presented their latest flagship Note 4 in a live stream press conference. We’re giving minute-to minute updates on this subject as the information pops out.

Update 1: They seem to concentrate on selfies right now, and they have mentioned the 60% brighter percentage of front facing camera.
Smart OIS and DIS for the rear camera divided in 4 categories.
Battery experience improved. 0-50% charging in 30 minutes. Now that’s a good news. ( previous model reached that percentage in 55 minutes )
Lower power consuption even with all those specs increased with 7.5%.

Update 2: Voice tracking, which can record voices from up to 8 distinct directions. Noise cancelation while on speaker, now that’s a good feature.

Update 3: Pix and e-StarWalker are introduced. Leather covers are bought to surface in two styles. MontBlank brings style to Samsung Note 4 phablet.

Update 4: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is here. Many features, great advantage usage of curved display. It can display its own manu regarding on what it’s shown on the main screen.

Moving on to Samsung Galaxy Gear S. It is compatible with over 20 devices and is capable to display a full QWERTY keyboard on its 2 inch curved Super AMOLED display for Galaxy Gear S, curved for your wrist. Gear S is optimized for S-Health and fitness, while doing all other things which were Sci-Fi a few years ago.

Update 5: Virtual reality makes dreams come true. Mobile virtual reality powered by Samsung Galaxy Note 4 trough Samsung Gear VR. Latency is under 20ms which gives a smooth virtual reality feeling via Note 4, up to 96 degree angle.

We expected Note 4 and got Note Edge as well. This is something unexpected and we’re looking forward to see what this is all about.

Moving on now, as the press conference for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has ended, you can either choose to remain on this page and watch more information about Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. We are going to move to Sony Press conference which can be accesed via Sony Press Conference for IFA Berlin 2014 Live Update

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