Nokia 215 Unveiled by Microsoft: £19 ($29) Price Tag And 29 Day Battery Life

Microsoft just unveiled its latest Nokia phone which is by far its cheapest released internet phone. Its named Nokia 215 and its designed to mirror “old school” Nokia products: compact, easy to use, reliable and with a long-lasting battery. 2015 is milestone for Nokia as they are preparing a comeback into technology market after the disaster they have suffered in the past years, in front of its competitors: Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC and pretty much everyone who is manufacturing a smartphone.

The struggle is real and very hard, so they made a first step by releasing an entry-phone which is offering what anyone expects from a phone. Don’t expect great specs, just enjoy the alpha-numeric keyboard a small colored display and a decent camera. Decent for the 320 x 240 pixel display it has, because in these days you will easily find high-tech smartphones which have at least 1.3 MP front facing camera, but why would you want a 13 MP camera on your phone, when you already spent hundreds or thousand of dollars on high-tech cameras?

Are you a social media maniac? Well, that’s no problem for Nokia 215 as it provides a built-in browser – Opera Mini to be more specific -. Oh, but what about Facebook – you’ll ask -? Nokia 215 is ready for Facebook too, as it comes with Facebook Messenger. Hey, but I like to post Tweets, how could I do that with Nokia 215? Trust me, Nokia 215 already has Twitter installed and ready to use. What is your excuse now? By the way, did you know that all built-in apps can work with poor internet connection and they don’t require a 3G connection?

And if these arguments didn’t get you excited, remember that you will have to charge the phone once every two weeks or 29 days if you leave it in stand-by. Tell me when was it the last time you forgot to charge your phone? With Nokia 215 you will literally forget that this little piece of heaven needs to be charged.

But probably the most important and interesting feature Nokia 215 has, is its torch. Yes, you heard me right, Nokia 215 comes with a torch, just as previous best seller Nokia 1100 had. And it is very handy when you are facing a black-out ( this would be very handy especially if you live in a big city where blackouts happen more often ).

Nokia 215 will be available starting the first quarter of 2015 in Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East.

Don’t get me wrong, but this is great for a second phone; we all know how annoying is to have no battery left on your smartphone when you need it the most, and Nokia 215 could be a gold mine if you take it as a back-up phone.

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