Google Translate For Android now Updated

Recently, the official Google Translate blog, announced a new update for Google Translate App for Android. The update brings improvements to voice recognition and real-time translation features.

Real-time translation feature is able to translate words and signs, simply by scaning the words using your Android smartphone’s camera. This will instantly replace the words you are scanning with the translation overlaid on the original words. This feature includes language support for translating English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish and Google works on expanding this list. However, the current updated version can only perform translations from and to English. Translating between other languages, for example from German to Spanish, isn’t supported.

Google will also release an update for conversation mode, an update that will allow users to translate their conversations more fast, in real-time. This update, it’s said, it will let you have a more fluid and natural conversation, just by simply tapping the mic to start speaking and Google Translate will automatically recognize the spoken languages and translate the two.

Well, with so many travelers in the world, this update will help a lot of people understand each other, simply by using their Android smartphones. Communication will become easier, after the language barrier is overcomed.



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