HTC Butterfly 3 Rumored: better than HTC One M9

We all know that a big event from HTC is coming so soon we will find out what devices will eventually be released in 2015. Well, of course HTC One M9 will be the headline, but other interesting devices will also be revealed. In that matter, you should know that HTC Butterfly 3 is just around the corner.

In fact new rumors related to this new HTC branded device have been leaked and from what we can see, in some aspects, the Butterfly 3 might just be better than the HTC One M9.

Of course, every info and data that we have up until now are just rumors, as official details won’t be provided until MWC 2015. Anyhow, HTC Butterfly will apparently bring a large 5.2 inch display, which will be better than the display included on the HTC one M9 – on the Butterfly 3 we will WQHD resolution while on the M9 we have the rumored 1080p resolution.

But that’s not all coming from HTC. It seems that during MWC 2015 the company will also reveal other devices too; thus the HTC Petra (fitness band), HTC A53(premium Desire series phone) and this HTC Butterfly 3 will be the main figures. It will be interesting to see the specs sheet for each one of these smartphones in order to make a proper idea about the prices that will be tagged later on.

So, that’s all for now. If you want to learn more about the upcoming HTC One M9, don’t hesitate and read our detailed review. Also, check all the details that are available about the Galaxy S6, another highly rumored device that will be released this year. Moreover, stay close as we will bring everything that’s new about your favorite Android based smartphones and tablets.

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