TWRP Recovery Available for OnePlus One

Getting the best out of your OnePlus One is not hard, though you do have to learn first how to tweak your Android device. Well, if you are an advanced Android user who is trying to gain more access over his own OnePlus One, then I have some great news for you: TWRP Recovery has been released for your smartphone.

TeamWin Recovery finally managed to customize and optimize their TWRP recovery software for the OnePlus One, which means that now you can choose to install this custom recovery image on your phone. According to the devs and to the users who have already completed the installation process, TWRP recovery is running without problems on the One. Moreover, its intuitive user interface is really great, thus the app can be easily used even by entry level Android users.

Why to use a custom recovery image on your OnePlus One? First, you need to know that the recovery environment is in fact a link between you and your phone’s internal system. Therefore, by using such app you can access and also modify the Android system. The results can be various as you can use the recovery environment for customizing and optimizing your Android device in order to receive more power and better performances.

If you do want to download and install the new TWRP recovery for your OnePlus One, remember that this is an unofficial application. Your phone comes pre installed with the stock Android recovery, thus now you are about to replace this official feature with a custom app that is developed by third party devs. So, bottom line, the warranty of your phone will get void during the flashing process of TWRP recovery.

Anyway, you can download the app from here. Now, if you need further help on the installation process, don’t hesitate and contact our team as our experts can anytime guide you through almost any custom operation.

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