Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit To Launch Alongside S5 & Gear 2

Rumors don’t seem to go around the Korean smartphone manufacturer, especially now, when Samsung is expecting the big event taking place in just three days, where the long awaited Galaxy S5 is going to be launched. The event called Samsung`s Mobile World Congress will also hold press releases that might announce the rumored Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch which is supposed to go hand in hand with another revolutionary device, namely the Galaxy Gear Fit.

Reports from MKNews state that the Galaxy Gear Fit will be the perfect device for health care as it features a sensor inside the gear, instead of the camera that the Galaxy Gear is having. The sensor is very delicate as it will monitor all your steps, your sleeping and eating habits as well as the cardiac rhythm when going to the gym or just jogging. Later, you can share the details on the matter over the social network and show the improvement you have made.

Samsung will face tough competition from its direct predators like Fitbit devices or the Nike`s FuelBand device, and some reports state that the Galaxy Gear Fit would be hitting the market somewhere in April.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit To Launch Alongside S5 & Gear 2

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit To Launch Alongside S5 & Gear 2

So far, there are no statements on Samsung`s behalf concerning the existence of such a gear. But we should be able to find out more about the rumors in a couple of days now, at the Mobile World Congress press conference.

Perhaps we will be there to pay a closer look at the moment of the Samsung`s announcements concerning a future launch of both Galaxy Gear Fit and Gear 2. We know that everybody will be so exciting to squeeze Samsung to unveiling the long-awaited Galaxy S5, so we must be sharp and keep an eye on Samsung`s move.

So what would you prefer wearing when running or going to the gym? Would you prefer a Galaxy Fit to measure your heart beats, or sporting the Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch to be posted with the latest events concerning Samsung S5 release?

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