How to Solve Auto Brightness Bug on Galaxy S6 Edge

Do you currently use Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge? Then, you probably know all about the annoying Auto Brightness Bug from your device.

When you put the screen brightness at max, the screen doesn’t become any brighter than before; not to mention that S6 Edge sometimes seems to keep the auto-brightness function working, even when it has been turned off.

However, you don’t have to be worried as long as there are a few methods that you can apply to fix these issues. Here you can find out more about them:

How to Solve Auto Brightness Bug on Galaxy S6 Edge:

  • Take a look in Settings > Display and verify that the Auto box next to brightness is not ticked. Turn the brightness up to maximum, and then take the S6 Edge into a dark and then into a light environment to see if it is working properly;
  • There are many people who claim they’ve fixed the problem with a software update. If it’s bothering you, then keep an eye out for an update via Settings > About device > Software update > Update now and maybe you’ll be lucky;
  • If the other solutions did not worked, all you need to do is replace the services.jar file with a new one available. The two mentioned bugs with the S6 Edge brightness will be fixed without affecting other features of the phone. However, this procedure has only been tested on the DEODEXED G925F OH8 and OH2, G925F OE3 and G925P OFE builds, so make no mistake or you risk damaging your device. If your build is not in the list, you can only send a request for the services.jar file to the developer and wait for a response.
    As you can see, you must have a deodexed ROM for been successful and it is still recommended to backup all your important data that you want to enjoy after the procedure. You never know one something can go wrong. So, I want to be clear from the start about the fact that I cannot be held liable if anything bad happens to your Android smartphone while applying this procedure.

How to Solve Auto Brightness Bug on Galaxy S6 Edge by replacing the services.jar file:

  1. Download the services.jar file appropriate for your S6 variant:
    For OH8 G925F DEODEXED ROMS use this link;
    Here you can find the services.jar file for OH2 G925F DEODEXED ROMS;
    For OE3 G925F DEODEXED ROMS, feel free to use this services.jar file;
    Download the services.jar file for OFE G925P Sprint DEODEXED ROMS with the help of this link;
    Take the services.jar file for OF8 G925T T-Mobile DEODEXED ROM from here;
  2. Go to system/framework;
  3. There you will see the original (services.jar) file in the folder, but do not replace it yet;
  4. Copy the original files somewhere safe rename the file with a .car or similar extension in order to have a backup for any potential unfortunate situation;
  5. Place the services.jar from the zip in the same system/framework folder;
  6. Set the permissions to rw- r- r- from the properties;
  7. At the end, just reboot the device.

Once you reboot your device, the auto-brightness bug should be a part of the past. Have you been successful?

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