Use Android Zedge in Restricted Areas and easily customize your device

There is no mystery that Zedge is a library of 6.2 million items that you can use to customize your Android device. I am talking about wallpapers, notification sounds, ringtones, as well as amazing themes, not to mention that you can continually create new, free content to download. In such conditions, there is no surprise to discover that it has no less than 40 million unique visitors per month, while the Zedge users download 5.5 million items a day.

The Android mobile application is definitely one of the most popular ones, but due to some copyright issues, it is now accessible only in specific areas. There are several countries that no longer find the application and use it, at least in theory, but here I am to help you once again. Yes, there is a trick that can let you use Zedge even in restricted areas and you’ll find all about it in the procedure below.

How do you have to prepare for this procedure? Make sure you have the ‘Unknown Sources‘ option checked to be able to install a third-party application and let me warn you about the fact that there is no way to be successful without a reliable internet connection.

Only now you are ready to proceed!

Learn to Use Zedge In Restricted Areas:

  1. Download the Zedge APK file from here on your computer;
  2. Connect your PC to the Android handset by using the original USB cord;
  3. You have to transfer the file onto your Android device right away;
  4. Enter into Settings;
  5. Then, access Security;
  6. Go to the file you that you have just transferred in your Android device;
  7. You have to tap on it;
  8. Also tap on Next to install the APK file like any other;
  9. Once you have Zedge installed, do not open it yet;
  10. Open the Google Play Store instead and install a VPN server of your choice (I recommend Betternet which can be taken from here as it is the easiest way to connect to the web without censor or restrictions.);
  11. Open Betternet;
  12. Tap on the Connect option;
  13. You can finally open Zedge and enjoy what it has to offer!

This is your chance to download unlimited wallpapers, ringtones, themes, notification sounds, as well as icon packs, so take advanage of it! And if you need any help, you know that this is why I am here for!

Also read this guide on How to Enjoy Restricted Apps on your Android Device (do not worry; there is no root required for this operation).

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