OnePlus One: Replace TrueCaller with Google Dialer

Are you excited about all the new features in CyanogenMod OS 12.1 (YOG4PAS1N0) for OnePlus One? However, among them you will also find TrueCaller coming as a replacement for Google’s stock Lollipop dialer. The introduction of this CM 12.1 Lollipop feature should not be a surprise as long as Cyanogen signed a partnership with TrueCaller and in May 2015 officially announced that the new Cyanogen would have a new dialer app.

In these conditions, all the new OnePlus devices will be shipped with the update and already existing devices like OnePlus One and Yureka are going to receive an OTA update with all the changes. Anyway, this doesn’t change the fact that many users love Google dialer more than any other 3rd party app, so the new Cyanogen update brings them no joy.

Are you one of these users as well? If you want to get rid of the new dialer app and give some love to the old Google dialer app, the story is a little more complicated, but not impossible. As you probably know, the libraries required for the Google dialer to function are absent, so installing the Google Dialer apk will not bring back older version. However, you can download a flashable zip file that will solve the issue.

To be successful, you have to root your device (read this tutorial about the popular Chainfire SuperSU Root Exploit Available for OnePlus One), and have a custom recovery (I recommend TWRP which can be found here, but you know that this is not the only option) installed; then, there is another aspect that you cannot skip: you should consider backing up everything from your OnePlus One Android device. This is highly recommended so that if anything goes wrong, you still have access to all of your data and you can restore it immediately.

Once you have a rooted phone with a custom recovery installed, get to the actual procedure:

How to Replace TrueCaller with Google Dialer on your OnePlus One:

  • First of all, you have to reboot your device into Custom Recovery;
  • Download Google Contacts dialer by using this direct link;
  • Flash the file;
  • You don’t have to wipe the cache, but simply reboot your device;
  • Then, it’s time to enter into Settings;
  • Find your way to Apps;
  • You have to disable Dialer and Google Contacts right away;
  • Feel free to also create a shortcut to your home screen to complete the rollback; however, do not forget to delete any old shortcut dialer app you might see.

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